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lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Mount Volcano Etna UNESCO heritage Etna patrimonio Unesco...

Great news Majestic mount Etna & active volcano will be UNESCO Heritage before next summer.
As a Sicilian citizen and one of Etna's “children” still living on its slopes, I am proudly happy about this recognition having been bestowed on “our mountain” by UNESCO.
If you like you can enjoy this video of my personal encounter with lavic stones and ashes literally “raining” onto my car while driving home.
Quite an exciting and unique experience!
Living on its slopes, i use everyday  to do my best to make these areas better known all over the world as better as i can.
Sua maestà il vulcano Etna prima della prossima estate sarà Patrimonio UNESCO.
Guarda il breve video registrato mentre guidiamo sotto una improvvisa pioggia di lapilli sassi  pomice che ci piovono addosso direttamente dall'eruzione stromboliana in corso sul cratere Sud-Est dell'Etna.
Camere per vacanza disponibili, contattaci.
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Bye all :-)

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  1. This is really good news! Etna is a majestic and intriguing mountain fully deserving to be among UNESCO's sites. It’s the highest active volcano in Europe and also one of the most spectacularly ever changing mountains in the world. Not to speak of the beautiful and varied surrounding scenery shaped, over the centuries, by the volcano’s numerous,alas at times destructive eruptions: the beautiful Taormina and its breathtaking bay, the dreamy Eolian Islands, the gorgeous Alcantara River Gorge, Linguaglossa ski resort, and the quaint medieval towns characteristically built with dark lavic stone (among which Randazzo is definitely the prettiest), are only a few of the many attractions worth visiting at least once in one’s lifetime. Antonella Giglio

  2. Thank you Antonella, really glad of your time spent to comment the post.
    It seems to have been accepted by UNESCO, probably news will be official on next april or june.
    Commission has been here last year.
    Greetings from "volcanic" Sicily :-)


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