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martedì 30 giugno 2015

Palio Medievale Randazzo Knight grabs cavalieri

Palio Medievale Randazzo
Knight grabs cavalieri

sabato 27 giugno 2015

Padiglione Brasile. Brazil pavilion. EXPO Milano 2015

Padiglione Brasile Brazil pavilion EXPO Milano

EXPO padiglione Brasile Brazil pavilion at EXPO Milano2015 la più grande rete ...
Experience, esperienza da vivere once in a lifetime camminata anzi traversata.
Walking through the Brazil over the cultivation, plants, down to the net under our feet.
"Feeding the world"
"Nutrire il pianeta"

venerdì 26 giugno 2015

Assisi città di San Francesco e Santa Chiara's ancient town

Assisi città di San Francesco e Santa Chiara's ancient town 

Guarda "Assisi town of San Francesco e Santa Chiara" su YouTube 

mercoledì 17 giugno 2015

Discover Taormina Etna Randazzo, b&b... Reviews

Ecco la fantastica #recensione di Paula & Jim, che ringrazio. Here follow the #review made me really proud. 

Adele was a wonderful host, a great connection to the beautiful village of #Randazzo on the slopes of Mount #Etna. She is #gregarious and thoughtful, and she shared with us not only her comfortable and well-appointed #family #home but also her family.
We asked them to cook for us the night of our arrival and her sister and nephew (learning to be a chef) made us a delightful meal of various traditional #antipastas, #pastas, and #meats, much of what was made originating from their own land.
Adele also has many #local #connections and so is a great #source of #information on the area and recommendations for how to #best #experience it.
She was always on call for help--and we took her up on her offer more than once.
In short, Adele made our stay in Randazzo, the final stop on our month in #Sicily, a very special one.

lunedì 15 giugno 2015

Pottery, plants and Flowers decorated staircase, Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte, Caltagirone. 2015

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Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte, Caltagirone 2015
Pottery and flowered staircase show exhibit 2015 at present.
Happens in Sicily take the xhance of such a stunnig spot during your travel herecaround, it's a special kind of #streetart with gardening? :)
Questa è Sicilia means Italy, means Europe
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Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte, ecco quest'anno come si presenta. Caltagirone Pottery and Flowered decorated staircase...

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@adyglio @ComuneRandazzo #ThatswhySicily</span>

domenica 7 giugno 2015

Charlie Chaplin a Covent Garden live street artist performance.

Charlie Chaplin artisti di strada o street artist in Covent Garden, a Londra ecco uno fra i simpaticissimi spesso esilaranti e sempre diversi spettacoli dal vivo, cui si può assistere ogni giorno.
Punto di partenza per molti artisti poi divenuti anche molto famosi una startup, si può dire?

Daily live performance in London during your travel and visit around the town, you can even have some good lol by the street artists.
Watch my youtube video.

Charlie Chaplin performance Covent Garden London: