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mercoledì 17 giugno 2015

Discover Taormina Etna Randazzo, b&b... Reviews

Ecco la fantastica #recensione di Paula & Jim, che ringrazio. Here follow the #review made me really proud. 

Adele was a wonderful host, a great connection to the beautiful village of #Randazzo on the slopes of Mount #Etna. She is #gregarious and thoughtful, and she shared with us not only her comfortable and well-appointed #family #home but also her family.
We asked them to cook for us the night of our arrival and her sister and nephew (learning to be a chef) made us a delightful meal of various traditional #antipastas, #pastas, and #meats, much of what was made originating from their own land.
Adele also has many #local #connections and so is a great #source of #information on the area and recommendations for how to #best #experience it.
She was always on call for help--and we took her up on her offer more than once.
In short, Adele made our stay in Randazzo, the final stop on our month in #Sicily, a very special one.

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