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venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Maletto Etna e fragole / strawberries Etna featured

Maletto 980m slm, vino, fragole e castagne e artigianato ecologico in legno di Ferula (creato a mano dal Alfio Giglio, gadget o piccoli arredi rustici), in un luogo dal quale è possibile ammirare tutto il versante dell'Etna in gran maestosità.

Maletto it's a small agricultural and very simple life town, situated 980 meters up to the sea level.
Wine and chestnuts producer, handmade crafts of green gadget and rustic furniture handmade by Alfio Giglio.
Maletto actually is really famous and well known for Etna's very special featured "strawbarries" production, who never tasted then he must do.

Stay tuned to be updated about the 2014 date of big strawberry festival will take place during next spring.

Feel free to contact me for tips, tour, accomodation, tipical homemade recipes to be arranged with your choice and foods of period, interpreting, places to discover by walking, driving, biking, trekking and more...

From Maletto you will have the chance to admire one of best majestic view of the Etna mountain and volcano.

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