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domenica 8 marzo 2015

Here you are quiet Randazzo (Catania) landscape view, a small medieval town located between the slopes of majestic volcano and the Alcantara river, the one of the famous Gorges and Natural Reserve.

Mount Etna stands on our daily operations :-), it uses to erupt very often but no scare or fear for people living around its slopes or foothills, spreading over all its surroundings, the black ash rain due to the paroxysm showing hundred meters high smoke column, deep scaring sounds and lava flows, but doing any hurt to its people as always.
- The UNESCO world heritage Europe 's highest active volcano gives us anything we need for life being a very reach territory and area.

Etna is not only a wonderful "muntagna" (sicilian word to say mountain), it's food wine tradition special black lavic rocks architecture healthy enviroments natural vegetable, rivers, fire, water, hot and cold weather, trekking snow, craters biking, holiday, homemade delicious recipes only few kilometers far to Taormina Bay pearl of Sicily and really much more.

Etna Sicilia neve, sciare su belle piste, guardando il mare, le colate laviche, i crateri del vulcano ma anche fare speleologia scoprire grotte, passeggiare in bici o mountainbike, fare escursioni, degustazione vini, pistacchio e cibo tipico, in località come Randazzo, Zafferana, Bronte Linguaglossa, Nebrodi, Taormina e molte altre.

Prima si scia poi si va al mare in pochi chilometri.�� Etna Sicily skiing whatching Mediterranen sea of Catania and Taormina, also admiring lava flows volcano, speleology, caves, biker, grape harvest and many more things and stuff.

(Bed and breakfast rooms and tipical restaurant available at farm holiday in country rooms, vineyards and swimming pool)


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Arrivederci #baciamolemanipicciotti (Picciotti sicilian dialect word to say boys or guys)

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